We prepare all types of petitions.

Applying for U.S. visa, Green Card or U.S. Citizenship is a binary event:  either you succeed or you fail. Our legal associates can professionally craft all types of U.S. visa petitions including forms, applications, required supporting documents, and Request for Evidence (RFE) of any complexity.

Case managers are in touch with each client until the work is fully done and completed. Period. We take a pride in what we do and handle every case with personal attention no matter whether it is a simple visa extension or a complex Green Card case.

An option of answering clients’ phone calls can be provided on behalf of Your Law Office (on & off business hours) due to a convenient time difference. 24/7 Support Team. Our highly trained paralegals and legal associates would inquire regarding the potential clients’ visa needs, obtain their contact information, and forward it to your Law Office.

You can rest assured that unparalleled service will be provided. We’ll surpass your expectations.